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Cool Vocabulary

Simple and fun practicing and learning English words

Cool Vocabulary is the most effective way to learn and test your knowledge of English vocabulary.

What does the application offer you?

Features of the application

Cool Vocabulary gives you 2 learning modes:

Mode 1 – learning by listening

In this mode, you listen to the correct pronunciation of the words. You can listen to 100 words in less than 5 minutes.
In the settings, you can adjust your daily goal or the way that words are played.

Mode 2 – learning by test

Test mode doesn't stress you in any way! A word will appear and you will decide whether you can translate it or not. Then you will see the translation of the word - and you will judge yourself whether you knew the word or not.
By default, you have 5 tests scheduled for the day (you can adjust your goals in the settings). Cool Vocabulary are for Apple Watch - vocabularyIf you have an Apple Watch - you can also test yourself on your watch.

Study reminder

You can get a reminder to study at up to 5 different times during the day!
It will not happen that someday you forget to fulfill your plan.


Put a simple overview of how you fulfill your daily plan on your phone's desktop. Clicking on this so-called widget will also launch the application.

This application contains

  • 77 packages
  • 5000+ unique words
  • 197 irregular verbs
  • 1000+ phrasal verbs
  • Testing on Apple Watch as well

Learning modes

  • listening
  • memory verification
Try the application for free and without any obligation.

Get the application

Click on the icon of the relevant store or scan the QR code according to your device

Version for iPhone / iPad

Version for Apple Watch

Version for Android

Coming soon …

Try freely available packages.

Note: Some packages (marked as BONUS) cannot be purchased separately - they can only be unlocked by purchasing the complete package.

We wish you a lot of success in your studies
Don’t hesitate to ask


If you have a problem with the application, the best way is to contact support directly from your device (you will find the "i" icon for settings on the dashboard) or there is a large "About" button at the end of the dashboard. In the dialog that appears, click the "Support" button. This will open a new email message where you can specify your problem (as accurately as possible please).